GVP Investment is a Netherlands based investment company taking advantage of unique features of the Portuguese Golden Visa Program (GVP) to create property investments for sale to non-EU investors seeking residency and an eventual passport in Portugal.

GVP Investment has a pipeline of Chinese, Brazilian, and South African clients seeking real estate investments of 500,000 EUR or more, in order to take advantage of Portugal’s unique opportunity for EU residence and passport acquisition.

GVP Investment’s first project, the Lumiares Bairro Alto, opened in April 2017.

Our second and third investments, the Sandomil Chiado Apartments and Emenda Chiado Apartments, were completed in 2019.

The fourth investment, the Vintage Hotel Lisboa, was renovated and re-opened in 2019.

Our fifth luxury property, the Rebello Hotel and Spa in Porto, will open in 2022.

GVP Investment BV is based in Heeze, the Netherlands.

Press releases


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Developments under construction

  • Rebello Luxury Hotel Porto

    Cais de Gaia
    Vila nova de Gaia, Porto, Portugal

  • Sandomil Palace Chiado

    Rua Chagas
    Chiado, Lisbon, Portugal

  • Lumiares Bairro Alto

    Rua São Pedro de Alcântara
    Bairro Alto, Lisbon, Portugal