The South African : Luxury properties you can invest in to qualify for Portugal’s Golden Visa


Whether you want to own a piece of Portuguese history or invest in prime real estate in bustling Lisbon, there are options available that can also qualify you for EU residency through the Golden Residence Permit Programme

When it comes to residency by investment, Portugal’s Golden Visa programme is a popular choice for South Africans. Not only does an investment provide a fast-track route to EU citizenship for the applicant and their family, but also a foreign currency asset that can earn rental income.

In fact, South Africa is the fourth most popular country of origin for Golden Visa approvals. We’ve been at the forefront of assisting with applications since the programme started in 2012 and we’ve processed more than half of all those successful South African applications.

As the market leaders, we’re constantly searching for excellent investment opportunities for our clients. We’ve sourced two of the most attractive property investments currently on offer in Porto and Lisbon.

These are hotel investments in properties that form part of the Bomporto Hotel group – luxury boutique hotels combining the best of authentic old-world Portugal with twenty-first century modernity.


Developed in historic 18th-century port warehouses on the famous Douro River, The Rebello looks onto the vibrant city of Porto. This city is a magnificent place to eat, drink and immerse yourself in Portuguese life. Walk just five minutes from The Rebello to find the numerous restaurants and bars of Gaia for an authentic experience of Portugal.

Not only will this investment provide you with solid hard currency returns and good long-term capital appreciation, but you will also enjoy the benefits of Portugal’s Golden Visa programme – the world’s most popular residency and citizenship programme. Investments in The Rebello start at €500,000.


Only three shares are available in this five-star boutique hotel, located in a prime spot in the city of Lisbon. The Vintage hotel reflects the city’s lively culture and atmosphere.

This is an excellent hands-off investment opportunity at the especially attractive price for a Golden Visa-qualifying investment of €350,000. Benefits include:

  • Preferred returns of 3%
  • No hidden purchase costs
  • Upside on share of operational income
  • Exempt from income tax in Portugal
  • Managed by credible partners

Lisbon and Porto both offer the best that Portugal has to offer, and with an exceptional property investment and a Golden Visa, there’s not much more you can ask for.